Michael in front of monochrome bookshelves and written sheets float around himMichael Green
Soushiant in front of a background of illustrated doorsSoushiant Zanganehpour
Guan with offset pink and blue shadows in front of a geometric backgroundGuan Un
Chanita surrounded by colorful rings, a couple acting as portals, playing with the depth of background and foregroundChanita Christmas
Brian framed with a graphic circle behind and square in frontBrian Bailey
Natalie surrounded by floral patternNatalie Nagele
Stacks of retro televisions, each showing a photo of Anne-LaureAnne-Laure Le Cunff
Amanda Kao leaning against a brick wall with illustrated hands and iconography surrounding herAmanda Kao
Mat Patterson surrounded by blue pixelsMat Patterson
Shenee laughing with her pupShenee Howard
Kristina Halvorson with a bright, squiggly backgroundKristina Halvorson
Rob with a triangular geometric backgroundRob Sicat
Clarinda wearing a floral headpiece holding two children, surrounded by colorful organic shapesClarinda Braun
Kate Strathmann surrounded by outer space and rainbowsKate Strathmann
Tara with pink and green brushstrokes behindTara McMullin
Zvi Band wearing an illustrated floral blazer, overlapped in gold decorative circlesZvi Band
Kai Brach
Paul Campbell in an illustrative, abstract junglePaul Campbell
four photos of Laura Garnett with hand-drawn adornments overlaid, like a flower crown and friendly bee and old-timey deep sea explorer helmetLaura Garnett
J. and Cliff in pink and gold comic book panelsJ. Zakira Wise & Cliff Atkinson
Cali Harris surrounded by illustrative nature including hills, a tent, and a coyote howling at the moonCali Harris
Chris Bowler in an 8-bit computer window, surrounded by pixelated and half-tone mouse cursors and shapesChris Bowler
Saya Hillman with big statement earrings that say YES YES YESSaya Hillman
Danielle Maveal in photo and cartoon, revealed with a squiggly brush strokeDanielle Maveal
Suzanne and Madeleine surrounded by geometric, monochromatic curvesSuzanne Siemens & Madeleine Shaw
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