Shenee Howard

Brand Strategist, Writer, Content Creator

If you’ve ever had a bad day and struggled to turn it around, Shenee Howard would encourage you to think about Why Today is Awesome. It’s an approach she embodies and teaches in her book of the same name to find the good in every single day. And if you’re willing, to share it in public to inspire others.

Being an author is only the tip of the iceberg for Shenee. At the beginning of her career, she talked to 100 people for 15 minutes to better understand their struggles. This undertaking led to her creating a signature branding course. Over the last ten years, she has shared strategies to help entrepreneurs sell more products, get more clients and do business in a way that works for them and their lifestyle. While there are a million people dishing out marketing and sales advice on the internet, Shenee has been one of our go-to experts for a decade or more; in a sea of gloss and inflated claims, her unwavering realness is nothing short of a life raft.

In 2019, Shenee wrote and produced a popular audio fiction series called Fan Wars - The Empire Claps Back, a romantic comedy based on two Star Wars fans debating over Skype. (Spoiler alert: sparks fly.) She also recently directed LIFE WITH LEO(h), a podcast series about a lawyer falling in love with a robot.

When she’s not sharing her love of k-pop on TikTok and in her Grown Ass Fandom podcast, Shenee is watching nature documentaries and waiting patiently for the next John Wick movie.

🤓 I geek out about…

K-pop, sociology and psychology, brand strategy and analysis, Star Wars, movies, romantic comedies, nature documentaries — especially marine biology!

🎒 I collect…

Hmmm don’t think I collect anything.

💬 My friends ask my advice about…

Oh gosh….a lot of things! I get a lot of questions about business and relationships and also life perspective things! Empathy and understanding is my superpower.

🧰 How my weird obsessions show up in my work…

I analyze everything and I’m always interested in the “why” behind things. I’m always digging and wanting to learn more and I also have an obsessive personality. I like to learn EVERYTHING about a thing.

🌱 What form(s) of growth is/are most important for your company?

For me it’s always about growth that is in alignment with my values as a creator. I don’t love empty engagement or growth. Just having MORE people doesn’t appeal to me. I like to attract the right people. That means my numbers aren’t as big as other people but I have better engagement.

💭 I wish more companies would…

Not be so reactive! Don’t follow every single trend. Ride waves that make sense to you and your business vs. trying to catch everything and having it not make sense for your business.

❓ A question I love:

What made you happy today? What made you smile today?

🚶 I would walk/drive/travel 500 miles to…

See a BTS concert, see my family! (it’s been a year)

You can connect with Shenee everywhere @heyshenee.